Creating Your Cabinets

Design & Planning

Design & Planning

If you can envision it, we can build it. This kind of success doesn't just happen; it starts with thorough design and planning.

After your designer gets your dreams down on paper, we create the final production plan, zeroing in on the tiniest details to aquire both the style and preserve the quality exactly the way you want it.

Mere appearance isn’t enough for Das Holz Haus. Style matters, but we go far beyond style to build integrity and character into each treasure we create.

From the first plans to the final finishes, Das Holz Haus does the details right so your dream looks right, functions right, and is right.

I consider it a privilege to be part of the DHH team.

DHH has been building quality cabinets for many years, but we continue to strive for better performance. Expressions of appreciation from clients for a job well done is wonderful motivation to excel in every area!

- a Das Holz Haus Team Member



The antithesis of artificiality and mass production, Das Holz Haus is custom to the core.

Your dream comes together piece by piece under the skillful hands of craftsmen who have a long heritage of woodworking. Each detail matters, down to the 1/32nd of an inch. Every masterpiece we build depends on the tiniest details coming together with precision to create the perfect whole.

Our wide selection of custom knives and other tools gives you an unlimited number of moulding options to accent your cabinets.

We make each drawer box to our own specifications for the highest quali- ty. Dovetail joinery is standard because it makes the strongest, longest lasting joints.

We do not settle for anything less then the highest quality materials to build with. For example, when no available veneer met the high Das Holz Haus standard, we went right to the manufacturer for a custom veneer made just for you.

Custom Craftsmanship

In our shop, the most valuable tools are our hands. Our experienced fingertips and palms instill intrinsic value into each new heirloom we bring into the world. Inside and out, each component is hand fitted into place.

Meticulous master craftsmanship - work of integrity and character - yields perfect fits, a finished product of unmatched quality and character.

For an extra special touch, you can shoose hand-scraped surfaces on your cabinets. From hand-scraped to uniquely ornate, Das Holz Haus has the know-how, the specialized tools, and the passion it takes to surpass your expectations.



When it comes to finishes, with so many options, where do you start? Our inhouse artists design and create an endless array of custom finishes to match any style of cabinet.

This includes creating an original finish to match a sample you may supply. We specialize in combining colors, patterns, and style for a close match. We achieve these matches through step-by-step layering of selected colors and multiple finishing processes.

With Das Holz Haus, you get impeccable finishes perfected to your tastes.

Each cabinet is prepared for finishing with hand sanding, and the finish is applied in a state-of-the-art finishing booth

You can also request hand-brushed finishes, bringing the gentleness and skill of an artist's hands. Other beautiful artisanal strokes are added by our finish artists. A genuine treasure is being born.

Hand-selected lumber . . . careful cuts . . . precise joints . . . generations of expertise . . . unwavering commitment to the best from fit to finish . . . these are the ingredients and the secret of your cabinets.