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Our Designer's Words


Our Designer's Words


In our Designer’s Words

When I was looking for a custom cabinet line and someone said, “If you can draw it, they can make it” I was skeptical.
After touring the factory, I was impressed not only by Das Holz Haus’s capabilities, but also by their willingness to push the creative boundaries. I also saw how everyone there takes ownership of their work—it’s nice to see people care about their customers and products.

Since partnering with them, I have learned new ways to detail and construct cabinets and developed new styles and finishes. Our collaboration has produced award-winning projects (I know that’s a cliché, but it’s true). I value our working relationship and am excited to see what the future holds! 

-Gladys Schanstra



I have specified Das Holz Haus cabinetry for my custom kitchen projects since 1991. All these 25 years I have been in awe of the quality, craftsmanship, innovation and customer service that I experience without fail. Das Holz Haus has been the partner who has propelled my work as a kitchen designer to a level far above the competition. I can depend on their integrity and their follow-through.

Their work is stunning, and brings my designs to the highest level. The care with which Das Holz Haus handles each order, from pricing to detailed shop write- ups, scheduling, each stage of manufacturing and final delivery is expert and professional. They treat me, their customer, as their most valuable asset, which reveals itself time and time again. As a result, I am a loyal and very satisfied 25-year customer. As long as Das Holz Haus manufactures cabinetry, I will use no one else.

-Jean Stoffer     jeanstofferdesign.com



We at Jillian Richey Design can’t imagine working without Das Holz Haus. Their family atmosphere and quality product that stand the test of time is parallel to our company message. We have grown together and truly value their synergy with our firm.

Das Holz Haus has a level of expertise that is unparalleled to other cabinet companies that we work with. Their commitment to pricing projects directly and ensuring the engineering of cabinets are done with the utmost quality, really make them stand out. This eliminates issues and problems with the cabinetry years after install. That paired with their incredible warranty makes working with them worry-free for years after we finish our clients projects.

-Jillian Richey  jillianricheydesign.com



I love working with Das Holz Haus! My clients are impressed by the quality, finishes, and door style choices. The walnut drawer boxes alone sell the cabinetry! Every installer tells me they have never seen a finer cabinet. Working with everyone at Das Holz Haus is truly a pleasure - I appreciate the personalized and professional service. 

Jan Hynes
Jan Hynes Cabinetry and Design